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SMOKE, Clan of dragons, Book #2

The odor of the dragon’s breath overpowered the scent of pine and fresh-fallen snow. Kera ran a hand down her leg, and didn’t feel any blood, but the limb throbbed. When heavy footsteps grew closer, a momentary wish to dip her body into the nearest fairy pool disappeared. How foolish. The urge to escape beneath its cool, clear water, or feel the massaging action of a cascading waterfall, was not strong enough to forget her current predicament, or the wintry weather.

The dragon moved toward her as it circled the tree. Its long white fangs glistened, and its hot breath melted the snow at her feet. Kera searched the area for a weapon. Unfortunately, the snow around the tree was heavy, and had covered everything.

Gazing upward, she thought to grab a limb and climb to safety, but she stopped when an odd voice said, “I apologize.” Who spoke to her in the presence of a dragon? Curiosity would be her downfall someday, but she peered from behind the tree and saw the green dragon, smoke-cs-coverand only the dragon.

“Did you…say something?”

I be speaking to a dragon? Did I hit me head as well?




Here is an excerpt

from SPARK, Clan of Dragons Book #1

Evan, in his human form, turned to Vika. “I was meaning to talk to you about your horse. He and I have a special…bond. If you never saw him again, would you grieve?”

She tapped her chin, and crossed her other arm around her waist. The glow from nearby torches, set into the fence at intervals, flickered in her eyes, and turned her red curls to flame. He had to glance down at her due to her smaller stature, but something over her head caught his attention. A dragon’s large tail, covered in glistening black scales, swung about a foot above the top of the fence.


Vika must have noticed his attention had wavered. She spun around, and gasped. When she didn’t cry out and warn the villagers, or the stable hand, his shoulders relaxed.

She walked closer to Evan, and whispered, “Do you see it?”

“Aye, lass. Have no fear.”

“I be not afraid, That tail belongs to a dragon, one of the three I have seen in as many days. He helped save me from the pirates at me farm.”

“Aye, ‘tis something Dougal would do. He does love to act the hero.”

“You know him? That dragon has a name? I suppose the green one I saw has one, as well?”


She sputtered, but he wanted her alone, back at her cottage, where he could explain in private. He would only divulge his greatest secret once they were alone. “I bet we can catch a ride, if you don’t mind sharing some of this meat.”iStock_83015149_XLARGE_edited-2





Here is an excerpt

from IGNITE: a White Mountains Thriller

When Josie lifted a hand to brush wayward strands of hair off Pete’s face, she stared at the damage. His ragged breath broke the silence.

“Pete, are you okay?”

He stared as if he’d never seen her before. His disheveled appearance shocked her, even though she’d heard the rumors. He shouldn’t drink to excess. That’s a given. But, fighting? Her insides flipped under his steely gaze, until he pulled her to him in the doorway’s shadows.


He still didn’t speak. She wanted to return to the bright interior of the firehouse kitchen. His head lowered, but she avoided his mouth. He sniffed her skin then ran gentle kisses down her check to below her left ear. Hairs at the back of her neck prickled. Ill at ease, she wiggled out of his grip and resumed her chores. If she let him treat her like his last one–night–stand, she’d be a fool.

Now, if I can stop staring at his tight tank top and faded jeans before I melt into a puddle on the floor…

Even covered in filth, the man exuded a sexuality she fought to ignore. She felt like she stood at a buffet only to be told “Off limits.” Damn conscience. When a hand clasped her right shoulder, she IGNITE-AResqueaked.

“Joe, you are…”

Gazing expectantly at his face, she asked, “I’m what?”


Here is an excerpt

from My Hunted Highlander

Niall Sinclair blinked, trying to open his eyes, but pain shot across his left brow and cheek. His vision was nothing more than a wavering fog, with pinpricks of bright light sending stabbing twinges shooting through his skull.

Disoriented, he struggled to clear his head and regain his sight. However, when he attempted to raise his right hand to feel the aching left side of his face, his arm would not obey his command. His hands were bound behind him. When he shook his head to clear the cobwebs, a searing pain tore through his temples. He stopped. In all his thirty years, even when the tip of a broadsword wounded him during battle and left its mark across his chest, he had never endured such pain.

A sudden wave of nausea had him swallowing bile. Pain erupted once more from his wrists to his neck. While he contemplated whether he had broken bones or dislocated a shoulder, a movement to his right made him as rigid as a Scottish standing stone. Until he knew if the movement was either friend or foe, his best option was to appear docile and unconscious.

“He be awake. Better fetch the capt’n.”My Hunted Highlander-large

Too late.





Here is an SHIVER-large

Excerpt from

SHIVER: a White Mountains Thriller 


Destiny awoke in pain, crouched on her knees in the muddy snow. Darkness shrouded her, and her body hurt all over. When she realized she was alone on her mountain, she fought the urge to burst into tears. The man and his luscious body were only a hallucination.

“Pick yourself up out of this mud.” Soaked through, she felt consumed by a pain so raw she wanted to stop, lie down, and die. But, she was stronger than that. On her knees in the mud, her frozen hair pulling at her forehead, she felt so lost.

Not logistically, at least. She knew this mountain, and verified her exact location, but that knowledge only brought on a feeling of doom. She now knew she had traveled miles straight up, far from anyone who might help her.

The rocky bluff dropped sharply down the face of Garnet Cliffs. She’d search the rocks and bushes at the top for discarded climbing gear. Sometimes rock-climbers tossed aside frayed ropes and rusty carabiners. If escape via the cliffs proved not an option, she’d gather small rocks and

branches with which to defend herself. She couldn’t sit on the ridge and wait to be attacked.

Pushing to her feet, she lumbered forward until she reached the mountain’s apex. The wind howled and ice-encrusted snowflakes as sharp as slivers of glass brushed across her cheeks. She surveyed the area and knew she had to make a quick decision.

The sudden sound of loud footsteps made her collapse onto her stomach. Through the howling wind, she detected a growl more human then animal and peered into the slowly lifting darkness.

Who made the creepy noise? Was it him? Had he caught her already?




Here is an

Excerpt from

My Dark Highlander


When hidden by the dense forest, he helped her mount Balfour, and she pulled the hem of her gown up to her knees in order to sit astride. She hoped the darkness hid her naked legs. Gavin swept a hand along her boot, past her knee, and beneath the gown. Her thigh muscle clenched, and her womb nearly wept.

“That house better have two bedrooms,” she said, nearly panting with the lie.

Gavin chuckled. As a beam of moonlight settled over him, he released her, and pulled a pair of black gloves from his saddlebag. Falcon’s saddle squeaked, as he mounted his horse. When he glanced up at her face, finally ignoring her legs, he winked.

“I’m glad you think this is funny. Your father attacked me, and now we have to hide like cowards.”

“I never hide. Consider this a momentary repositioning before the next battle.”

She rolled her eyes, but doubted he could see them, since the light had vanished behind a cloud. The horses trotted past the parking lot, and took a right at the street. Streetlights lit the way, until he turned into a small driveway. Had she ever noticed it? A shiver washed over her. They were within a quarter mile of her house. If his father watched her house, this trail was too close for comfort.

The road ended at a snowmobile trail barrier. Gavin led Falcon around the low-hanging foam-padded bar, and trotted farther up the trail. This one crisscrossed the forest trail they had traveled from her house, and headed farther through the woods. The trees opened to a large cornfield, and the trail ran along one side.

“That’s the Petal Pusher’s corn maze.”

“A corn…maze?”

“When the stalks dry and turn gold, like those, they cut a path through it with lots of dead ends. It’s a puzzle. People actually pay to get lost in it.”

“And what, pray tell, is a petal pusher?”

“That’s the name of the farm. They also sell flowers.”

He remained quiet, and shadows enveloped him again, as the trail headed back into trees. Rushing water gurgled to their left, and Faerie Falls sparkled in the moonlight.

“I’m glad the clouds parted, riding in the dark is scary,” she whispered, and wasn’t sure he could hear her. The falls grew thunderous, and he kept moving, but when the noise lessened, and the darkness swallowed him up, she pulled back on the reins.

“I can’t see a thing.” When she recalled how the older Sinclair had grabbed her, her breath caught in her throat.

“This is freaking eerie.”

Falcon whinnied. Balfour answered.

“Smart horse.”



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