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An author creates stories in her head and does her best to get them written down. Sometimes it takes a while to create an entire story from a simple idea, or dream, but I do my best. Getting them edited, formatted, and published is a whole other matter.

Marketing and promotion, in order to sell my bome and Kathy rothenbergeroks is a constant battle. I talk about the various issues and share other authors’ thoughts on my blog (click the tab above). I often give great items away, so please check out my ‘contest’ tab (also above). I also want  to thank my editor of my Indie books, Kathleen Rothenberger.

I enjoy hearing from readers anytime via nancy@nancyleebadger.com, through Facebook, or Twitter. An author knows her work is appreciated, so please post an honest review where ever you purchase my books.

May 2018 NEWS:

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6 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Hey, Nancy-
    Once upon a time, you had a recipe for Scottish shortbread on here, somewhere. I copied it down, and I guess I lost it. Would you please let me know where it is, so I can copy the recipe again and make it? Thanks! Appreciate it! That will give me something to do while waiting for your next book (lol).

  2. Love and appreciate your ability to bring to life the story of this dragon clan. I was swept along with the brothers, Evan and Wynn. Looking forward to the next book in this series.

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